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Everything you need to know before getting hair extensions.

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Getting hair extensions can be a big investment and commitment! It's important to be as educated as you can be on all the different types of installation because one method DOES NOT FIT ALL!

This is why I have dedicated myself to being trained and certified in just about every method there is available so that I can custom  match the hair and the installation to each client!

Hair extensions is taking additional hair and adding it to your own hair creating lots of volume and/or length. This can be done using several different methods. I have extensive training and experience and use all the methods below because no one method fits everyone's needs. Hair Extensions come in both Human Hair and Synthetic Hair depending on your preference and lifestyle. I only use Hair Extensions that are made with some of the World's Finest Quality 100% Human Hair. For the most part, I only use synthetic hair for bright pops of fashion color.

What are Hair Extensions

1: Tape In Hair Extensions: Create a seamless look and feel using 1-2" wefts of hair. This is the quickest application method. However, the removal and re-installation can take a bit more time. This is a great method for adding peek-a-boo pops of color!

Tape in Hair extensions can be worn on the head for about 4-6 weeks between maintenance appointments. Although you can swim and shower in tape in extensions, it's important not to leave them wet. If you are one that tends to sweat a lot or go to the gym, tape ins may not work as well. The constant moisture will break down the glue and may cause slippage. It's also important not to use hot tools (flat iron) on the bonds themselves, as this can make removal very difficult.

Tape in extensions can also be a little harder to hide on very fine hair or shorter hair.

2: I-Tip / Beaded Hair Extensions: These are the same type of extensions but sometimes go by different names. The actual hair extensions are 1/4 inch strands of hair that are attached to your existing hair with small beads that are crimped to hold. This method leaves no residue and allows for a faster maintenance appointment then some other methods. This method alone or used in conjunction with sew in wefts allows me to use several colors for a more natural look.

Beaded extensions have very few limitations on how you can wear your hair or live your active lifestyle. The most important thing, to keep them from ratting or tangling, is to brush your hair thoroughly a minimum of two times per day.

I've found that the beads CAN slip over time and warn my clients that they may lose a few of the extensions between visits.

I suggest maintenance appointments about every 4-6 weeks.

3: K-Tip / Heat Fusion Hair Extensions: Using a heat tool a keratin wrap bonds the 1/4" hair strand to your hair.
Although you will get the same look and freedom with K-Tip as I-Tip, this method allows for very little slippage of the extensions, and because there are no beads, they tend to blend better with your natural hair color and become almost invisible!
This method alone or used in conjunction with sew in wefts allows me to use several colors for a more natural look.

The K-Tips also offer more versatility for those with very fine hair because each extension can be cut in half or even thirds to put less stress on the natural hair.The most important thing, to keep them from ratting or tangling, is to brush your hair thoroughly a minimum of two times per day.While most extension methods allow you to use the same hair more than once, K-Tip extensions usually will need to be replaced every time you have them maintenance. Depending on the strength of your natural hair and how well the extensions are cared for at home, you can go 8-12 weeks between appointments with K-Tips if they are cared for properly, which is twice as  long as most other methods.

4: Beaded row /Hidden Beaded Row /Sewn in wefts: This type of extensions is currently the most popular method for those looking for Length and/or volume and allows for less contact points on the head. You can get great results with less time in the chair. Because, unlike I-Tip or K-Tip methods, you have way less contact with the scalp, there is less chance of ratting or skin irritation. There is also way less chance of breakage. Styling is easy and you can do all your normal active lifestyle things. Just be sure to be brushing your hair thoroughly at least twice per day.

To install there is a row of beads crimped into the hair about an inch apart all around the area where the extensions will cover, much like the beads used in I-Tip Hair Extensions, and then the weft of hair (or multiple wefts) are sewn onto that row of beads.

I don't always recommend this method to those with very fine or thin hair because they can so sometimes be a little bulky or noticeable - but overall they are a great choice for just about anyone and I find that the hair holds up over time much better than single strand or tape in styles and can be used over and over.

I suggest maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.

5. Hand Tied Micro Point: These type of extensions are a very specialized technique that I offer. I take 2-3 SINGLE STRANDS of hair and knot them onto ONE strand of your hair to give it thickness. This is very time consuming but has a great result for those that are thinning on the top and do not want to wear a topper or wig. Most clients say that they don't even realize the hair is there other than the added thickness! The knot is so tiny, is barely noticeable.

(NEW!!) UV Light Hair Extensions! : These type of extensions are a very specialized technique as well, and less time consuming than the Hand Tied Micro Point. Individual hairs are glued to your existing strands of hair with a special UV Light Adhesive. This is great method if you have very short hair you want to add some length too, or if you have thinning areas that you want to fill in.  Because of how labor intensive this method is, I would not recommend this for a full head of hair, but both these options are great for filling in areas where other methods would not work.

6. Hair Prosthetics / Non Surgical Hair Replacement System: This non-surgical hair replacement method is a very specialized technique that I offer. A hair piece is custom created for you and then attached to your head via one of several methods. The piece can be warn non-stop up to 4-5 weeks. With glue method installations, it is impossible to detect from your own hair! You can swim, shower etc with nothing showing. Once the piece is custom created for you it can be used over and over with proper care.

NOTE: Glue methods require the area to be smoothly shaved.

7. Hair Toppers: Hair toppers can be used daily and taken out each night, or can be used similar to a hair Prosthetic where it is attached via a beaded sew in method.

Hair toppers can be used in conjunction with other types of extensions to create length. Hair toppers are most commonly used to hide thinning on the crown.

What is nice about a clip on hair topper is that you get a great seamless look without having to come in for maintenance appointments.

As with any clip on or daily use hair piece, these should not be warn while swimming.

8. Daily Wear Hair Halo: Hair Halos are great for adding Length and/or volume and can be installed and taken out at home in just a few minutes.

Halo pieces can be custom colored and cut to blend seamlessly with your own hair!

These are a great option for Daily Wear or Special Occasions where you want the hair, but not the commitment!

9. Daily Wear Clip Ins Hair Extensions: Hair Clip ins are great for adding Length and/or volume and can be installed and taken out at home in just a few minutes. These are great option for Daily Wear or Special Occasions where you want hair without the commitment! Unlike Hair Halos, the pieces can be cut to custom widths which gives you much more options for custom placement.

10. Hair Keratin Fibers: Keratin fibers are electrostatically charged, and the micro laser-cut bits of keratin that appear like microscopic hairs attach themselves to existing hair, even if it is very thin or sparse, to quickly thicken and fill it in a matter of seconds. Hair Fibers are sprinkled onto the hair similar to a powder, but because they are fibers they create a natural texture. Fibers are a great way to give a thicker look to thinning hair.

This will be my first time wearing Hair Extensions, what do I do?

First , with my help, decide which Extension application you prefer, as not everyone likes or uses the same method. Choosing the proper color is very important. Some people prefer to match the Stock Extensions to your own Hair color and others prefer getting the Extensions, and then coloring your own Hair to match the Extensions. I am also very experienced in custom coloring hair extensions to match your current hair. You also need to decide on the texture that will blend best with your own hair, in addition to the length you would like your Extensions to be. Deciding what installation method is best for you, is most important of all!

I require that you come in for an extension consultation prior to getting your extensions so that I can help you make these decisions prior to the application. I will order your custom extensions at your consultation and then set up a follow up appointment to install them.

How much will extensions cost me?

That's like asking "What does the color Blue smell like?" (Ha Ha)

Naturally this question is best answered after a thorough consultation, because the cost of the extensions is based on how much hair is needed, and most importantly, the quality of the hair being used.
Most clients can expect the hair investment (cost to purchase extensions) to be anywhere from $500-2500* for quality extensions. This price does NOT include installing the extensions.
Upkeep (moving the extensions) will usually run about $125-$300* per visit.

I am happy to have you buy the extensions through me, because I know where to get the Salon Use Only quality extensions, or you may purchase the extensions yourself. Just keep in mind that all extensions are not created equal. Not all extensions can be colored, or heat styled!

*Please note that these prices are not a quote and are subject to change with each individual and method

Is it ok to Brush and use a Blow Dryer, Flat Iron and Curling Iron on my Extensions?
If you have purchased quality human hair extensions, you can absolutely treat your new hair just as you would your own. Curl it, straighten it and most of all, enjoy it!

Keep in mind that although your extensions may be human hair, it is very delicate because it has been very processed since it was on a human head! Treat it like you would bleach blonde hair.

I suggest washing your Extensions every 3rd day as the hair does not get the oils or dirt clinging to it as your own hair does. Deep wave and Curly Hair textures should not be brushed as it can get frizzy. It is best to use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to scrunch. (See my tips on curly hair)

How do I wash my Hair Extensions?

Wash and condition the hair in one direction, from top to bottom. Put shampoo/conditioner in your hands and run hair through your palms. Avoid washing hair upside down in the sink or scrunching on top of your head.

Try not to wash your hair everyday unless absolutely necessary, and let a quality dry shampoo like Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo become your new best friend!

While some hair extensions companies offer and promote their own shampoos, It is not necessary to use those and I suggest to use shampoos and conditioners that hydrate and add moisture as well as repair.

I always suggest Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

What Products can I use?
You can use your favorite professional grade styling products, but be sure that the products are alcohol free as alcohol is a drying agent and can cause your extensions to dry out before their time, alcohol will also break down K-Tip bonds if used on them. In addition, avoid applying oily products near the bonds, especially for tape in methods.

Olapex is a great treatment for your hair extensions as well as hydrating hair masks!

Can I color and perm my Hair Extensions?
Because the hair has already been processed with color and in some cases texture, I do not advise having any additional chemical processing. I do offer wavy textures to prevent having to perm the hair which is available in numerous colors. However, the curl patterns available are very limited and so, while not recommended, a professional stylist can perm the extensions to better match your curl pattern.

If you want to darken the hair, you can absolutely color the hair using any Ammonia Free hair color, and it will come out beautifully. You never want to use Bleach or attempt to lighten the color, that is a no no!!

That being said, especially if you have a significant investment in your extensions, it's always a good idea having a professional color your extensions.

Can I have color done on my natural hair while wearing my Extensions?
I can definitely color your natural hair. Many clients come in for new growth touch ups while leaving the extensions in place. For an all over color, we would removed the extensions during the color service. For blondes, I prefer to do any toning services with the extensions in.

I know that answer is kind of all over the place, but it really comes down to the type of extensions you have, the install method you have chosen and what type of color service you are wanting.

How long will my Hair Extensions last?
This is a very difficult question to answer, and it is a question that is frequently asked. There are so many factors to consider; hair quality, products used, climate, water, how often hair is washed, heating tools, and of course how you individually care for your hair.
I would like to say that, if taken care of properly, your extensions should last about 4-6 mos. Plan on a maintenance appointment to move the extensions up the hair shaft at about 4-6 weeks.

Higher quality extensions can last up to 24 months.

Daily wear clip in extensions and hair pieces can last years.

Stay Beautiful


Will the Extensions damage my own hair?
Hair Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. Upon removal of your Extensions, when you first brush out your own hair, it is not uncommon to have some hair build up in your brush. This is perfectly normal and will occur regardless of which Extension Application.

I recommend brushing your hair thoroughly from scalp to ends with an extension safe brush and least twice a day.

Problems occur when the hair is not cared for correctly at home, or maintenance appointments are not done on schedule.