Temporary Hair Color???

It says Temporary on the bottle, says it will be gone in just one shampoo.... but is it really temporary?? Will it really be gone??

These are good questions!

Using fun temporary colors on your hair for parties or costumes etc can be tempting and fun, but some need be a bit wary of the lingering effects of these so called temporary products.

Temporary hair colors come in a variety of formats from liquids and jells to mousse or spray type offerings. They are usually found in drug stores or public beauty supply stores. They are usually in fun bright colors that are sooooo tempting to try!

In the defense of the product manufacturers, these temporary colors ARE DESIGNED to be temporary...however.... they are also designed to be used on perfect, virgin, never been abused or damaged hair. (Doesn't exist, unless you are a toddler)

Most hair has acquired some type of damage just by being on your head, not even taking into consideration harsh shampoos, chlorine, hair coloring or chemical treatments.

Think of the outter part of your hair (the cutical) like a shingled roof. Young undamaged hair has beautiful roof that has a perfectly smooth shiny cutical that protects the hair and repels foreign matter from absorbing into the hair shaft. All the shingles are tight together and laying flat. In this case, a temporary color would simply "sit" on the outside of the hair shaft and be fairly easily washed away in just one good shampoo.

However, over time, the shingles lift a bit... and if the hair has been through things like hair lightening, perms, relaxers etc.. the shingles are REALLY lifted.. think of a bird ruffling it's feathers.

When the shingles of your roof are lifted, foreign matter can get in.... and sometimes it stays longer than wanted. Although the majority of the temporary color can be removed in a good shampooing, there is gonna be that pesty little bit that just hangs on for dear life!

Those of you with darker hair may not notice it as much, but if you are blonde - watch out! I once spray painted my hair with that Halloween hair color hairspray BLACK (I was a witch) - my blonde locks were gray after that for several weeks. :(

I still think the temporary colors can be fun and they do serve a purpose, but I just want to make sure my clients know what to expect ... especially if a crazy color in their hair after the special event will not be acceptable.

If you DO decide to get a little crazy, try using a good clarifying shampoo that you can get from your stylist to help clean it up.

Until next time, dolls!
Stay Fabulous

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