Red Hair Advice

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Mickey offers professional advice on how to keep your red hair looking FIRE!

Hey there, fiery friend! Got some red locks that are feeling a bit rebellious and want to make a break for it? Well, fear not! Here are some tips to keep your vibrant hue in check and your face anything but red with embarrassment!

Tip #1:

Embrace the lazy hair days! Give your hair a breather by washing it less often. Two to three days is the sweet spot, especially if your hair isn't overloaded with products. And guess what? Dry shampoo is about to become your BFF! My favorite is the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo! Spritz it at the roots, give it a good brush, or better yet, blast it with a blow dryer for some extra oomph.

Tip #2:

Chill out, literally! I know, I know, cold showers are nobody's idea of a party, but cooler water equals less chance of your red making a run for it. When you visit me at the salon, get ready for what feels like an Arctic plunge at the shampoo bowl! But hey, it's all in the name of preserving that gorgeous red, right? Be sure to use Color Safe Shampoo like Moroccan Oil Color Care.

Tip #3:

Let's talk color depositing goodies! Ever tried a color depositing shampoo or conditioner? They're like magic potions for keeping your red vibrant. I'm talking about stuff like Tressa Water Colors RED Shampoo or Celeb Luxury Viral Conditioner. Just remember, these babies don't clean as deeply as your regular shampoo, so start with a clean slate, then lather up with the color goodness, and finish off with your regular conditioner.

Now, all this talk about red isn't just for the faux-fires out there! Even natural redheads can benefit from a little color TLC. After all, who wants to fade away when you can shine like a coppery goddess? So grab those color depositing products and keep that red alive and kicking!

Remember, Red Heads don't fade away, they just get more vibrant with a little help from their friendly neighborhood stylist!

Stay Beautiful!