I want anyone that sits in my chair for a hair service to be happy with their hair experience! Not just happy, but THRILLED!

I promise to use all my experience, training and behind the chair know-how to give you the hair you want if at all possible.

If, after a thorough consultation, and an agreement is met on the results for that day, and I fall short - I am happy to REDO the service at no charge.

Sometimes things look great in the Salon, then you go home and wash it and re-style it and it just isn't the same, or maybe there is an adjustment needed, I am more than Happy to fix it for you at no charge.


   1. You must make me aware of the issue within 10 days of your original appointment. I will

        then make every effort to get you in as soon as possible to correct the problem.

   2. I will not "fix" or REDO anything you asked for and received.

   3. I will not "fix" or REDO your hair simply because you've changed your mind or a friend/

       family member doesn't like it.


  1. I will make adjustments to extension installation if there is a comfort issue, but will not remove

      extensions for FREE.

  2. Extensions are non-returnable once ordered.