Delicate Fine Hair Care

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The term “fine” hair can mean two things to clients, but it really only means ONE thing. Fine hair means that each individual hair is small in diameter. This type of hair can be wispy and fly away and tends to tangle very easily!

The first meaning of fine hair that people get confused on is actually referred to as thin hair. Thin hair means "not much hair density" on the head, but each hair may be thick in diameter not fine. Thin hair can have a lot of the same problems as far as lack of volume.

But you can have THICK but FINE hair all at the same time. So maybe you have a TON of hair, but each hair is fine, or small in diameter, so your ends can still look straggly or damaged.

Either way, fine hair or thin hair can both lay limp with no body, so finding a style and cut that gives the illusion of fullness is always a goal for my clients.

I recommend a mid to short length hair cut that is pretty much all one length. Think A-Line bob at the shoulder. This cut gives the hair the illusion of being fuller and as having more body and it moves well. This cut works especially well for those with THIN and FINE hair.

The longer the hair is, the more likely to tangle and the more likely for the ends to get damage and look stringy.

If you like it short, you’re in luck - pixie cuts and wispy short edgy cuts are great and can be “pumped up” with product and styling.

If you MUST have longer hair, I understand.. but keep layers to a minimum. Layers can leave fine hair flying away and create a thinner look than you may want. A few layers at the bottom for some movement and maybe some around the face for shape and that’s it – keep the overall shape at one length.  A strong perimeter at the bottom will give the hair a thicker look and help keep those fine fly aways more at bay.

There are many great Shampoo/Conditioner sets out there that are great for fine hair. But I always tell my clients to Shampoo for the hair you have and to condition for the hair you want!

What do I mean by that? Well, if you HAVE fine hair that is dry or damaged, use a repair or moisture shampoo like Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair

Shampoo. If you WANT full volume hair, use a volumizing or thickening/plumping conditioner like Moroccan Oil Thickening Conditioner.

Many times you need to mix it up and get a mixture of products that meet all your needs. Sometimes you just have one issue and a box set is perfect!

To style for body on mid length to longer hair, you need to blowdry – with product.

I Recommend a few sprits of Surface Awaken Thickening Spray, or Kevin Murphy Body.Mass Plumping Treatment. Spray on to clean, towel-dried hair, and comb through, one section at a time. For lift, my favorite light weight volumizing mousse comes from Moroccan Oil. Layer on clean, damp hair by dispensing the product in palm and distribute evenly from base to ends. Comb through. For Hair to Heaven lift, you can also add Color Wow Lift the Root by spritzing it at the root before blow drying!

Pre dry your hair first, hanging your head upside down and blow drying using your fingers will help add lift. Once your hair is about 80-85% dry, switch to using a round brush, over directing the sections with high heat at the root to build volume in each section. When I say “over direct” I mean push the hair in the opposite direction that you will want it to lay, this will create volume in that section. Blowing hair forward will create volume when you finally brush it back etc.

If round brushing is too difficult, using hot rollers or even Velcro rollers and then drying with a blow dryer will get a very similar result.

Finish the look with a texture spray like Moroccan Oil Texture Spray, or my favorite from Kevin Murphy, Bedroom.Hair.

Hope this helps!
Stay Beautiful!!