Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is the BEST smoothing/straightening product/service on the market (IMO)

The original Brazilian Blowout got a bad rap for the fumes that were a bit... toxic. But the truth is, if the treatment is being done by a CERTIFIED Brazilian Blowout Stylist, there is no issue. Brazilian Blowout requires their stylists to get certified yearly on the proper procedures to perform the service correctly.

The Original Brazilian Blowout formula is designed for all types of hair, it's perfect for EVERYONE. Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. It's also an amazing AFTER COLOR treatment that will lock in your color and make it POP!

The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.The service takes about 90 minutes and, with proper after care, will last about 10-12 weeks!

ZERO DOWN TIME! When you leave the salon, you are free to wash your hair, swim, pull it back whatever!

If you currently get Keratin Smoothing Treatments, you will LOVE Brazilian Blowout. In my opinion is a far superior product and takes much less time.

See this article comparing the two:
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Visit the Brazilian Blowout website for more answers to your questions!
Brazilian Blowout FAQ

Until next time, Dolls!

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