What is Balayage?
    Is it for me??

We get this question a lot. Balayage is a French word that translates best into the word Sweep. The term is used to describe a free hand painting or sweeping of color onto the hair.

While the term Balayage is very often associated with highlighting hair, and this form of hair coloring can be used to create beautiful natural looking highlights: It can also be used to target grey areas without having to color the entire head of hair and it is used to create the popular color melts and ombre effects to only mention a few.

In my (Mickey) opinion, the benefit of highlighting with the Balayage technique over traditional foils is that the line at the scalp is softer and more natural allowing for a better less noticeable grow out. Having said that, I still believe that there is a definite use for the foiling technique and I use both techniques as needed and best suited for the hair and desired result.

You will find that Balayage does not come in a one size fits all formatted technique. Some colorists may use foils, cotton or plastic wrap to achieve precise placement or help with product performance, while other colorists may simply paint the color on and leave it to open air to process. Some colorists use a board or hard service as a pallet and some may not…. This is an ART FORM and there for each artist, you will find, uses what works best for the effect and result they are trying to achieve.

The most important part of any color service is the consultation. As the client, it helps tremendously if you know what you want so that your colorist can let you know, first of all, if it’s obtainable; and secondly, what will be needed to get to the desired result. We also recommend that our clients bring in pictures of what they think they want and even pictures of what they know they DON’T WANT so that their Stylist can get a clear understanding of their goals.

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